Thursday, 21 March 2013

Types of Painters

Finding a professional house painter can be tough. Anyone with a brush and a pick-up truck can call themselves a professional. But, how do you know who’s any good without being an expert yourself? How do you make sure they can do the work you need done?
This report will help you ensure your painting job gets done right the first time. It will show you the things you need to know to get you painting project done professionally at the correct price. Most importantly, you will learn the basic questions you need to ask any contractor before you hire them.

Types of Painters

First, let’s explore what kind of painters are out there for hire. Basically, there are three types of painters: the “brush it over” painters, the “wanna be” professionals, and the true professionals.
The “Brush it Over”
Everyone has seen the “brush it over” on a number of occasions. This is the type of painter who rarely picks up his phone or returns calls. When you are lucky enough to schedule an appointment with them, they’ll be sure to arrive late. You can also easily identify this type of painter when he does not show up for the job’s scheduled start date. As the name implies, the “brush it over” does not really address the homeowners’ concerns or properly prepare wall surfaces before painting them; he simply brushes over these important details. After his incredibly low priced job is “done,” you’ll need to call a true professional to fix the painting mistakes and a cleaning company to pick up the left-behind mess.
The “Wanna Be”
The “wanna be” is a local painter you see from time to time around your town. He’s usually a full-time painter and does passable work, but does not own a real painting company. During the summers, he’ll hire untrained college students to do most of his painting jobs. Usually, the “wanna be” only accepts cash payments, is uninsured, and offers no written warranties for the job. At a first glance, his prices are reasonable, but you must take on a lot of risk when hiring the “wanna be.” Remember, he is not insured, uses cheap untrained labor, and offers no guarantees for the job.
The True Professional
The best painting contractor to hire is the true professional. A truly professional painting company will not let you down – they strive for 100% customer satisfaction. A professional company will never hire cheap temporary labor, but instead, will use experienced and apprenticed craftsmen painters. A true professional runs his business with genuine integrity and can be fully trusted. They are insured, bonded, and offer written guarantees. Although you might have to pay a little more to get a professional painter, at the end, you will be glad you did. He or she will return calls promptly, listen to all your concerns, identify a solution that meets your needs and will get the job done in a timely, neat and clean manner.

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