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What You Need to Know Before You Hire a Toronto Painter

What You Need to Know Before You Hire a Toronto Painting Contractor
This is a list of 12 questions to ask yourself or the potential painter before you press the hire button. It is much better to hire someone that can actually get the job done properly rather than someone that can only work you up a headache. Why are headaches so familiar when people hire painters or any other type of contractor? Because they hire way too quickly. Don't make yourself a victim of hiring too quickly. Take a minute of your time to read this post and don't hire until you find a professional!
questions-1How Do I Make Sure I’m Hiring a Professional?
Before you schedule an appointment with a painting contractor, you need to make sure you are doing business with an established and professional painting company. Because anyone can claim to be a professional, check their complaint record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) first. Paint contractors who do sloppy work, leave your home or yard a mess, or don’t come back for any necessary touch-ups will get poor reviews with the BBB.
As a professional painting contractor, Pro Painters Toronto strives to provide 100% customer satisfaction. There are not BBB complaints filed against our company and we have a plethora of positive customer testimonials and references available upon request. We are a registered, fully insured business and can provide a certificate of insurance and business license to back up our claims.
How Do I Know They’ll Show Up on Time and Stick to Scheduled Dates?
Unprofessional painting contractors are infamous for being late to appointment, starting the job past the scheduled date, and not finishing work on time.
At Pro Painters Toronto, we guarantee that our painters will never arrive late without calling to notify you first. Additionally, you may reach a live person to discuss any scheduling issues by calling our office at any time.
questions-2How Do I Know I’m Getting a Fair Price and That the Final Bill Will not Go Over the Initial Quote?
According to the National Association of Consumer Agency Administration, the home improvement industry received the most complaints related to contractor’s unfair billing practices. Typically this happens when an un-established painter or a sub-standard painting contractor offers to do your job for a very low price with some money down. After they get your deposit, they end up using the cheapest material and labor they could find, doing a sloppy job or not completing the project at all, and at the end, completely cutting off contact with you.
If you have a large-scale painting project, make sure to get a quote or proposal written on the letterhead of an established local company detailing what is to be done and for how much. An official, written quote establishes a firm price and won’t allow you to be overcharged at the end.
At Pro Painters Toronto, we realize that fair pricing is one of your top concerns. We establish firm quotes for our customer and stick to our initial price. We will never charge you more than we quoted you.
How Do I Know Your Painters Won’t be Rude, Vulgar, or Make a Mess?
questions-3This is a very serious question to ask. Contractors who hire cheap and unskilled labor are concerned more about their bottom line than they are about your safety and the security of your home. Be sure to check if the contractor has policies regarding how their employees behavior and appearance and what precautions they take to protect your home.
Pro Painters Toronto takes your comfort and safety very seriously. All of our painters have a presentable appearance and are individuals your family can feel safe with. Our employees never smoke, play loud or foul music, use offensive language, or leave a mess in your home or on your yard. All of our workers are experienced in the area of home improvement and apprenticed in painting.
Property protection is one of our top priorities while working on your project. We always use drop cloths in any areas we are working on to protect your property. Plastic covering are always used to shield your carpets, furniture, or any other belongings during the painting process.


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